NBA 2K9....Out of the Shadows

With E3 2008 come, and gone it was interesting to not see Take Two/Visual Concepts in full force with the seminal NBA 2k9. With the teaser released during the NBA finals, one would assume that news would have trickled out more after the event.

Well it seems the developers had other plans. Plans that involved the game being worked on to perfection. Dare I say...NBA 2k9 is the holy grail of basketball sports games? Perhaps it is just the sun peaking out from around the clouds. 2k9 comes out of the shadows... More after the jump

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mikeslemonade3745d ago

This is the first year where they have the accurate faces done right. Previous years Chris Paul looked like Devin Harris.

ThaGeNeCySt3744d ago

Carlos Boozer isn't all that accurate.. however, these faces definitely look good because it looks like they are actually trying to use face scan instead of using the Create A Player tools to make these nba players

looks GREAT so far

there's a Q & A session with OperationSports editor ChaseB who seen the game and is answering everyone's question

LossTheEarthbreaker3744d ago

Seems like they've gotten to a good point this generation.

AAACE53744d ago

If you haven't bought a NBA game since 95, then you better get ready for the realism factor!

I had 2k7 and dominated as I usually do with those games. But when I bought 2k8... They changed it up so much and made it more realistic, I had to really fight to win games! I can only imagine it will be harder with this new one!

So those who like a challenge, and realism should pick this up! Those who are babies and can't stand to lose should go with live or whatever other crappy b-ball game that's out!

BigKev453744d ago

LossThe..., you don't know what your missing with the 2K series. It has always been great. Day 1 purchase for me, Live sucks.

Dark_Vendetta3744d ago

I bought NBA 2k8. It was quite hard because of the simulation elements but it's definitely one of the best sport games available

Bubble Buddy3744d ago

One thing that irks me about NBA 2k8 is how cheap the AI is. If you're winning by a lot, suddenly they play a hell lot better and catch up and win. Besides that, I love it.

okcomputer3744d ago

The graphics were fine with me, the one thing I hope they improved was transition defense. The ai controlled players were horrible at stopping the break, and people exploit it like hell online. Even with that problem though, 2k8 was the best sports game out last year.

AAACE53744d ago

If you watch basketball games... you would see that that type of behavior is common. My guess is when you play and you are winning... you become complacent! And when the tempo gets turned up by the opponent, you never change your playing style because you figure you were beating them the way you were playing, so you still feel you should be able to win that same way! It may have worked like that in the old games but not in this one. You have to keep up the fight to win!

chrisnick3744d ago

big improvements on the faces, i hope ginobli no longer looks like a rat.

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The story is too old to be commented.