VideoGamer: PDC Championship Darts 2008 Hands-On

Does anyone not know what darts is? While small children probably haven't had the pleasure to play the legendary pub game or bothered to watch one of the growing number of televised tournaments, surely most people are aware of it. If you are then you'll probably realise how hard it is to turn into a video game. It's a game that essentially requires you to throw small metal spears at a target - not the most complex of sports.

Having already played the PS2 and Wii versions of PDC World Championship Darts and found them to be decent stabs at virtual versions of the sport, VideoGamer wondered how the game would be improved on the Xbox 360. It seems developer Oxygen Interactive had similar problems when thinking about the 360 version. Although presentation has been improved considerably, VidoeGamer's first impressions are that this is essentially the same game - if you love darts that's probably not a bad thing.

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