My favorite PS2 game is now available on PS4, but does it hold up?

Dark Cloud 2 is a gargantuan, way over-ambitious dungeon crawler on PlayStation 2 that I probably spent 300 hours of my precious teenage years playing. If you're a fan of games that give you lots of things to do, you are in luck: Dark Cloud 2 is stuffed to the gills with gameplay systems, including dungeon exploration, weapon customization, character befriending, monster collecting, fishing, town-building, photography, crafting and golfing. It's huge, sometimes to the point of being clumsy, but to this day, I still consider it my favorite PlayStation 2 game ever made.

Earlier this week, the remastered version of Dark Cloud 2 launched on PlayStation 4, giving me an opportunity to sing its praises to my co-workers 13 years after its launch. In the video above, Nick joins me as we discuss what made Dark Cloud 2 so great when it first came around, and how this upscaled version performs.

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DarkOcelet1054d ago

I don't understand why there isn't a Dark Cloud 3 yet. Come on Level 5, make me happy and make it a reality.

KosherNostra1054d ago

Second that. At least we know Ni No Kuni 2 is coming.

never4get1054d ago

Dark Cloud 2 look as good as Ni No Kuni 2.

mikeslemonade1054d ago

Nope it doesn't hold up and the Dark Cloud 1 is better.

Bahamut1054d ago

@Never4get @mileslemonade

You're both nuts.

ThanatosDMC1054d ago

Closest thing you'll get to Dark Cloud 3 is to play WKC2.

gangsta_red1054d ago

Would rather they make a Rogue Galaxy 2.

The characters in that game were so likable and it also left with some unresolved plot lines.

With current gen tech RG could have a lot more worlds to explore and maybe even space battles...I mean, the sky is the limit. Another Rogue Galaxy would be a pinnacle JRPG.

DarkOcelet1054d ago

Level 5 should just make a sequel of every game they made lol.

MilkMan1054d ago

Im playing this game right now. This game simply looks amazing on my PS4 and I get to play it again. THIS is the kind of remastering I want to see. Not games from three days ago.
SONY, you rock!
Oh and I want Dark Cloud 3

Bahamut1054d ago

My only complaint is I wish they could have increased the framerate. It's locked at 30fps and even drops lower sometimes. I would have loved to see them increase it to 60, but regardless, still a great game and I'm currently playing as well.

FullmetalRoyale1054d ago

I already planned on snagging this game, Friday, but after that video I'm sitting here wondering why I never played this game. It looks dope, and it looks like just the thing to distract me from the Witcher withdrawals that I have been experiencing. Really am looking forward to playing this.

brando0081054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Looks really fun and expansive

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