Is It Enough? 60 Gig Xbox 360 Launches In Oz

From gameplayer: "Starting today, Microsoft will be selling a beefed-up version of the Pro Console package that includes a 60 gigabyte hard drive - previous 'Pro' bundles included a 20-gig hard drive…"

"While these new models are distinct improvements, they may not be enough to keep pace with the revolution in downloadable content currently underway."

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TheSmartestXboxOwner3770d ago

Aww my gawddd,it iz thne new Xbox....I can't beliv ths,I am so smarttg,,caus I want ps3 bee-cause my xbox iz not wrkin anymoreee,my fellow xbocks fanz are smart and want ps3s

sak5003770d ago

You trid to copy theaverageps3 but fail at both being sarcastic and funny. Pls dont try it again and leave the trolling to pros.

PoSTedUP3770d ago

hey you didnt fail man, you made xbox owners sound like the hicks they are, lol that was pretty good thank you : ) (with thee exception of bloodmask) ; )

Obama3770d ago


And theaverageps3owner is funny? What double standard.

power of Green 3770d ago

You are a troll using a different account typing in that fashion to mask your indentity.

Genesis53770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Well it beats the heck out of 20. Can you dump the stuff you want to keep on to an external hard drive? I don't know, so I'm asking.

n4gzz3770d ago

don't care about downloadable stuff. I like to play full retail game. But i might sell my 20 gig and buy this one. My 20 gig gave me RROD twice and i am just afraid to use it anymore.

marionz3770d ago

considering how damn slow downloads are on the 360 here in new zealand i wont be downloading much anyway....because i CANT!

what is up with xbox live anyway i mean it takes me like three hours to download somthing around the 85kb mark, now on my computer that comes in a flash!

couldnt imagine using the 360 for movies and stuff, i used to download demos when i first got the console and speeds where alot better, but now i just dont bother.

InMyOpinion3770d ago

It takes me minutes to download demos at around 1gb. Might be the regional difference. I live in Scandinavia.

Gam713770d ago

in the uk i can get a 1gb demo in about 15mins or quicker.

at least you don't live in the us ;P

silverchode3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

went to costco today seems no one has bought the 60gig xbox. ill try to post pics.

gamersday083770d ago

Imagine bringing 1 of those *fire hazards* back home. No thanks.

n4gzz3770d ago

3 yr life for 400 game console is not as bad as spending over 1000 on pc within year.

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The story is too old to be commented.