Zero Punctuation… Happy Anniversary Yahtzee!

Pop idols have Simon Cowell. Chefs have Gordon Ramsay. Parents have the old crones from Nanny 911. The hottest trend in entertainment is watching British know-it-alls verbally assault poor saps whose only crime is to dare to live out their dreams, if not just get by. For the video game industry, Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation fills that void...

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gotgamedotcom3743d ago

I wasn't aware that anybody disliked yahtzee

games4fun3743d ago

his reasons for not liking a game are unrealistic and he always hates on anything no matter what, and he makes small games on the side which aren't anywhere near as good as the same games he critiques.

BUT i like watching his videos. If his videos were written reviews without jokes i would hate yahtzee. But since his jokes are anywhere from smile-slight chuckle for me i watch them because nobody comes close and the animations are funny too.

I just watch his videos to see him make fun of a game i dont take his reviews seriously and i was actually a little angry at his uncharted review(most unfair of all his videos) but i just remembered its all in good fun, for me anyway :)

games4fun3743d ago

people who disagreed with imo = LAME

Silellak3743d ago

Uh...people aren't allowed to disagree with an opinion?

riqued3743d ago

I love his reviews, but sometimes he tries to much just to hate a game! Like calling Uncharted racist...

But they are funny, so...

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