New Fallout 3 Walkthrough + Leaked Screens

Check out this new walkthrough which was aired on Bravo's TV show Playrs. It shows TheGamersCafe some new areas of the game but other than that it's pretty much old news, but still fun to watch. Not only is there a new walkthrough but people took pictures of the game at the Zenimax Asia expo which owns Bethesda. More after the jump...

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NO_PUDding3746d ago

This game looks like ass.

But so did Oblivion.

I cry for Morrowind at night.

thereapersson3746d ago

Oblivion was good, but it was nothing compared to TES III: Morrowind.

Fux4Bux3746d ago

I doubt this will be any less shallow and devoid of substance than Oblivion. Still going to be at least worth playing.

Gigaman3746d ago

Yeah, I did not like Oblivion that much. Too many clitches, loading screens, pop-ups, and slow downs.

But this game looks so much better.

Chubear3746d ago

I don't know what you nerds are talking about. That game looks bloody incredible!

InMyOpinion3746d ago

I think they are trying to downplay the game cause the 360 is getting exclusive content.

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Jinxstar3746d ago

I am looking forward to this. Should be fun.

360rxorz3746d ago

Imagine how great this would be if it were a 360 exclusive. Too bad everyone has to settle for a half assed game because they had to develop it for the PS3 too. Damn, I hate the PS3, it is ruining the gaming industry. It is the one thing that keeps many games from being great.

Shadow Man3746d ago

hahaha Im a XBOT and even I can see your an idiot. Is the 360s fault the game looks like crap because of the DVD 8.5 . Don't get me wrong I love my 360, but if you switch the word 360 to PS3 and PS3 to 360 your comment would make alot of sense.

TheIneffableBob3746d ago

Fallout 3's lead platform is the Xbox 360. Bethesda develops the game for the 360's specs, then upgrades or downgrades the graphics for the PC and PS3.

Captain Tuttle3746d ago

This is like the 4th time I've seen this video on N4G.

CaptainHowdy3746d ago

by the by...i'm a little mysitfied by the futuristic/ Retro facade of the game....just WHAT era are we in??? Poetic liscence i suppose

Hooby3746d ago

My fear for this game is it looks awful repetative and...boring? It looks like you do the same thing all the time. Wander around (or do a quest) until you find an enemy, vats them to death...repeat.

Gigaman3746d ago

I think you are right. But there is probably to this game then that, just wait until it comes out.

Hooby3746d ago

Right, I'm HOPING there's more to do. I love oblivion, this looks interesting.

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