Why the Wii is well-suited to video game violence

Dave Rosenberg-I wrote recently about the need for violent video games on the Nintendo Wii and, for clarity, the main point of my message is that the Wii is a great platform for a game that has physical interaction.
It could be where you can pull a street sign from the ground and shove it into your enemy's head, or it could be a cooking game where you have to assemble a Gordon Ramsay-esque 10-course meal. The point is, the Wii has unique features that are well suited to violent games.
As to whether or not game developers will make violent games for the Wii and if they will be big sellers is not my area of expertise. It's the underlying possibilities of the technology that I find interesting.

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wiizy3742d ago

the wii has the widest audience..dont let fanboys fool you.. sony and microsoft has the less audience obviously sales prove that over and over.