Is Brain Age as smart as it claims?

We've all heard the criticism that video games are for dullards with lax brain muscles. That playing video games will turn your brain into a fine mixture of cerebellum and mashed potatoes, a combination served at the high society of zombie Thanksgiving. But there is a game out there that is trying to change our brainless stereotype and, in the process, keep the brain hardy and healthy, not to mention delicious.

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Carbide73746d ago

eh...i havent played it,but i'd rather save my money for a better DS game and read a book

TheSmartestXboxOwner3746d ago

no..people like me that hav 360s neeed i think bains age wil help my kind,we cant reeed boocs
*plays gears to luk at marcus's ass*

littletad3745d ago

Game can't even recognize if I'm saying new or blue, or correctly tell if I've drawn a 7 or a 9. I have no idea how it got so popular with mix ups like that.

BrotherNick3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Maybe because you can't articulate your words, or you can't write well. After a while you figure it out.

kinggeoff3745d ago

is lost on this generation :(