Seed Studios Announces PLAYSTATION 3 Project to be Present at GC '08 Next Week

SCRAWL: "Seed Studios, who completed three Nintendo DS titles, have today announced a project in development for the PLAYSTATION 3 platform. The project will be present along with Seed Studios at Leipzig GC '08 this year to showcase the game to some possible publishers."

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Lost_My_600_Dollar3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Another Halo killer ?? another flop ??? whatever still the same


Lost_My_600_Dollar3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

thats a great Idea man
you mean Too Human Killer ??


morganfell3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Time for another ignore for the latest account by GOTY/pog. I see you have chosen a user name based on the price of a launch 360 and a mere 4 years of Live. Lost your 600 dollar eh? Yeah, RROD sucks the Popes balls doesn't it. But after all, part of owning a 360 is having last gen equipment and getting screwed over by Microsoft.

I suggest you be more accurate with your next 360 name and call yourself 'Lost My 755.97 Dollar Plus Tax' so that you cover the price of a launch 360, 4 years of live, a next gen Disc player (oops scratch that) proprietary headset, 120GB overpriced proprietary HDD, proprietary Play and charge kit, and a proprietary Wireless Adapter. I know that new name would be a mouth full but it has two things going for it. We can round it off and call you 'old 756' and after your first post we'll put you on ignore so it doesn't really matter.

Remember, when you change names again, make that first post count because with PS3 fans you don't get a second chance before the stench of a brain dead idiot is recognized, we debubble your ass and stick you on ignore. Better luck next time GOTY!

morganfell3747d ago

Yeah Fernando, it's time for old 756 to fell the wrath of Eurogamer. All I have to do is look back at how GOTY/756/600/pog was defending them. Have fun.

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Wildarmsjecht3747d ago

From people who helped make Okami, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil:CV and more...can't wait for this.

Overr8ed3747d ago

Oh the guys at Clover. thats cool.

kazuma3747d ago

seed studios is a portuguese development team.
ur thinking about Clover Studio, then Seeds, now PlatinumGames.

Omegasyde3747d ago

Yes its going to be a PSN title since all of their last titles were either puzzle or learning games.

Seed Studios is still a unproven studio that no body should care about... no need to hype this up.

sinncross3747d ago

wrong studio bud... Seed Studios are not the former Clover Studios... they're known as Platinum Games.

This is a completely different company...

Rikitatsu3747d ago

that was called SEEDS and its now Renamed to PLATINUM GAMES

Loudninja3747d ago

Wrong people guys, these are not the clover guys.

Wildarmsjecht3747d ago

Ahh my mistake. Thanks for clearing that up for me guys.

deeznuts3747d ago

Is this the people behind DMC, Okami et. al?????

Just kidding. Sheesh, talk about piling on the poor guy, I think he heard it the first three times!

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belal3747d ago

hmm ps3 will dominate 2009 too lol

xbox 360 has no games for 09 while we ps3 owners will get our first game in february ( killzone 2)

silverchode3747d ago

and hopefully gow3 soon after.

TheHater3747d ago

I think this game will be a PSN title. But I guess we have to wait until next week to find out.

INehalemEXI3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

If its a PSN title I don't think they would be looking for publishers though.

thekingofMA3747d ago

that downloadable games are still expensive to make

and since they're a new company with just a couple puzzle games out (this is what an above commenter said), then i would think they would need some help publishing

just think of Jonathan Blow, the Braid developer: he has to sell a load of copies at a higher price to break even on his investment, but he couldn't have gotten his great game if he hadn'tfound a publisher

thePatriot3747d ago

both psn and disc (I like options). judging by that picture, there is a high hope that its shippping on blu ray. I sure hope anyways.

power of Competence3747d ago

Where did you gather "high hopes of shipping Blu Ray" from that picture?

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