Console Monster: Fable II Pub Games Mini-Review

Console Monster writes: "Fable II Pub Games came as a surprise release during the 'Summer of Arcade', but will it live up to the high standard set by other releases during the month?

On loading of the game, you are asked to choose a placehold character where player's money will be stored until the money can be converted into experience points for Fable 2, at a rate of one gold per XP for the linked character. As well as allowing the conversion of experience points, the game will also allow unique items unlocked in the Arcade game to be used within the full retail game.

Fable II Pub Games consists of three games that will also be playable within Fable 2, which is due for release in October. Each game consists of 15 game modes, each allowing higher bets and higher winnings, but also higher losses. These modes are; Fortune Tower, Keystone and Spinnerbox. Fortune Tower is a simple, yet mildly addictive game. At the beginning of each game, players place a bet (which is a multiple of 15) and cards are drawn, forming a row. The cards contain numbers 1 – 7 (and higher in some games). Once the row of cards is drawn, players can choose whether to accept the points or to risk getting more points in the next round. If players choose to risk, more cards are drawn and placed on the next row with an additional card. Players have more chance of a higher score, but also have more chance of a "misfortune" happening..."

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