Capcom up for more Viewtiful Joe if potential is recognized

"There's no 'percentage chance' that I could give you [Viewtiful Joe this generation] that would at all be accurate. If it strikes someone of influence (a producer of note, Inafune, Takeuchi, perhaps even me) that it's something that has potential (both gameplay and sales) then it could happen..." - Christian Svensson, Capcom's Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

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kadosho3745d ago

With the original team let go (Clover Studios), it would be tough to see a rebound. Maybe its best left alone, seeing how "decently" Okami was ported over. That is not saying much either

NO_PUDding3744d ago

I agree. But Viewtiful Joe was better.

ChickeyCantor3745d ago

Henshin a NO go baby >=(.
Clocer studio, else you lay off that franchise...
However it could work though.

cr33ping_death3744d ago

the damn viewtiful joe demo erased all my game saves on my PS2, i was so pissed off. :( dont like you viewtiful joe.