Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle) PS2 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Yet another PS2 classic game hit PlayStation 4's PS Store. Check this PS2 vs PS4 video graphics comparison and see how the game visuals have been improved.

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Geobros827d ago

As the article writes, the game looks better on PS4, its clear.

NiteX827d ago

I don't get why people disagreed. Simply to be asshats?

3-4-5827d ago

Cel shaded games STILL look good today from 10-15 years ago.

Art Style will always hold up over time where as games trying to be realistic will always look dated like 3-4 years later.

KimikoGaming827d ago

I would have liked to see a physical Dark Cloud HD collection.

FullmetalRoyale827d ago

I'll be buying this game this weekend, and finally trying it.

Hoffmann827d ago

Would have been funny if the video creators also compared it to Dark Cloud 2 running on the PS2 emulator on PC.

cyckiewicz827d ago

I might doing that, however that wouldn't be entirely legal :)

Hoffmann827d ago

Like that would matter ;)

metalchocobo66824d ago

It would actally be perfectly leagel provided you use the real game disk

cyckiewicz824d ago

@metalchocobo66 as far as I know all emulators needs original console bios to work. Which means it's not so legal as you may think ;)

greenmiker827d ago

I am playing already! The game is awesome!

TM333827d ago

Ya, I bought this game last night. It looks great on PS4 and remote play is killer. Was playing it and watching Big Bang Theory on TV at the same with wife. Good stuff!

827d ago
TM333826d ago

@Live2tell No remapping unfortunately:(

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