New Divine Divinity II RPG screenshots

The Belgian developer Larian Studios has just released two new screenshots from their role playing game Divine Divinity II. The game is sheduled Q2 2009 and will be released on PC and Xbox 360.

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MK_Red3768d ago

WTF!? When was this announced? I didn't get the Beyond Divinity but the original DD was rather fun. Cool find / news / screens.

MJoseph3768d ago

It was announced some time ago. I think a few weeks? More news you can find on the same website ;) But it's in Dutch...

StephanieBBB3768d ago

You will get a deeper look in to this game at the Games Convention in leipzig on the 20th ;)

socomnick3768d ago

Yet another rpg hitting the Xbox 360 console.

InMyOpinion3768d ago

Can't have enough of RPGs. Looks nice.

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