Why the PSP needs PlayStation Network support

Earlier this year the PSP enjoyed a rise in sales due to the release of the slimmed down PSP-2000, as well as an assortment of AAA titles, such as FFVII: Crisis Core and God of War: Chains of Olympus.

Since then, there hasn't been much fuss over the PSP, and why would there be? Where are the games? Not much worth picking up has been released since Q1 08'.

Sure things are bound to pick up again with the release of Resistance: Retribution, Super StarDust Portable, etc.

Sony needs to find a way to keep the sales, and interest going steady for the PSP. With the PSP being a technical marvel, it shouldn't be too difficult to implement some console-like features to it, to make it really shine.

The PSP needs full PSN integration. The PSP needs a full PSN friends list, where you can message, initiate a skype chat session, etc. We have a PSN "Portable ID" yet we cannot use it on our "portable" PlayStation.

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Ben10543744d ago

but the next psp must have PSN support, it would be great if you can sign in with the same account as your ps3 then talk to all your mates on psn and do video chat using the psp camera (if the net psp has a camera built in)

Sev3744d ago

I would agree with you, but with the recent FCC filings of a PSP-3000, I don't see a PSP "2" coming anytime soon.

So I am hoping these features get implemented with this gen PSP.

Ben10543744d ago

the current psp has been hacked to the max so if it gets psn support there might be a chance of psn getting hacked

Sev3744d ago

PSN hacking is going to come to an end soon.

Sony has thought of that.

Soon, hacked PSP's will only be able to run homebrew etc.

faisdotal3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Wasn't this already confirmed by a BUZZ! dev in an interview?

Edit :

["When pressed on whether this meant the PSP was being lined up for Trophy support, Escobar replied "check back with us later”, reportedly with a ‘grin and a nervous laugh’, according to the site."]


["The news ties in to details in Sony’s E3 press conference about extending users’ PSN IDs across the PS3, PSP and Sony websites – something that would in theory allow cross platform Trophies to be tied to a single gamercard."]

I think we can expect it tbh. I wish PS2 gets it aswell.

doshey3743d ago

really sense the psn thing would come through an update if it was to come to it then the psn will be there but with all new updates no one will be able to access the the psn until they install the new update which means hacking the psn will not be all easy

joemayo763743d ago

well wipeout pulse already supports PSN usernames (dont kno of any other psp games tho) although u cant do the xmb stuff only play onlne with ur PSN ID

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PimpHandStrong3744d ago

u can buy games for the PSP via PSN

i thought this was the direction Sony was taking the PSP. Making it work with the PS3.

Just because the PSP isnt maching the DS in terms of sales doesnt mean its dying....atleast not how i look at it....but im not the sort of guy that plays games on the go. I listen to music and read when i can

but the PSP

is a nice looking piece of hardware and it plays PS2 like games! In terms of power and capabilties the PSP is the best handheld. Just because sales dont prove it doesnt mean its not true

Sev3744d ago

I never said the PSP is dying, it just doesn't have steady sales.

Solid_Snake6663743d ago

not in japan psp is bigger than the ps3

Cajun Chicken3743d ago

In the Western side of the hemisphere, for those who played through all the previous classics, theres nothing really looking worth looking forward to apart from RPG's.
I'll be honest, I know a LOT of people in the past who NEVER bought of played an RPG on their Playstation.
Why are sales going down? NO GAMES!
The battery power gets drained once playing WiFi on the PSP, as for PSN on PSP, what for? Seriously, I love the PSP and all, and I see PSN doing NOTHING for the PSP's sales!

The fact is, look on the shelves, when was the last time a classic quality title like GTA, GoW, Daxter, Medievil: Resurrection, Ratchet title came out?

The PSP simply needs MORE DEVELOPERS and some more new PSP exclusive only ip.

PimpHandStrong3744d ago

might not have steady sales but its also the summer

Nintendo is the casual king and the DS is crazy in sales. PSP has been outselling them in Japan i thought? If thats anything to go buy the psp is doing just fine

Japan is always ahead of the rest of the world in terms of eltronics...

Skype and movies are a bigger reason for me to have a handheld. If i can get maps on it that would be cool also because i travel for work alot.

but again im not a handheld guy

Raoh3743d ago

ltos should be done with the psp

i was excited in the past when they had the cross support for socom on ps2 and psp.. if you got intel on the psp mission when you sync with the ps2 it would give you a map on the ps2 socom game..


but then it stopped there...

there needs to be more of that..

Darkiewonder3743d ago

if they can get some online features to go offline. since it's not like everyone has wifi access. but it would be interesting to have everything sync up once you do connect.

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