Babe of the Week: The New Lara Croft

GameDaily writes: Tomb Raider's sexy treasure hunter gets curvier, gorgeous and wet. What a combination.

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xaphanze3691d ago

I think she's good looking. I like brunettes.

Kami3690d ago

she is all that good.

JBaby3433690d ago

She's definitely not ugly but I've seen better.

rhood0223690d ago

Eidos and Crystal Dynamics should just cancel TR: Underworld and release a "game" that has 9 gigs of images showcasing each of the "Lara Croft"s that have popped up over the years.

That way, Edios and Crystal Dynamics would save face instead of releasing the abomination that is Underworld. It might even sell more too.

GametimeUK3690d ago

Is not babe of the week... SHE IS BABE OF FOREVER

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