TrustedReviews: Hellboy: The Science of Evil Review

Here's the good news. Hellboy: The Science of Evil is the best comic-book to movie to game tie-in of the summer. It's both more playable than Iron Man and more polished and interesting than the Incredible Hulk. It makes some attempt to stay faithful to the tone of Hellboy, and it features vocal performances that don't sound like they were phoned in while the actor was doing something more interesting, like clipping their toenails or watching the home shopping channel. And while it's a staggeringly unoriginal piece of work, The Science of Evil does at least take its cues from God of War and Devil May Cry. If you were a Hellboy fan and you bought it, you probably wouldn't come away feeling that you'd completely wasted your hard earned cash – though you might come away feeling that the development team could have made more of the license.

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