Evil Avatar Preview: Dragon Age: Origins

Evil Avatar writes: "This morning I sat in on the GenCon demonstration of Bioware's new RPG, Dragon Age Origins, and interviewed Community Manager Chris Priestly and Lead Writer David Gaider. The demonstration was led by Chris, who opened with with an explanation as to why Origins was added as a subtitle. Feeling the Dragon Age is bringing Bioware back to its roots of Baldur's Gate, and the importance they placed on the Origin system used in character creation, Bioware chose to add the subtitle.

With the explanation done, we entered the meat of the demonstration. It began with your character traveling with a highly respected member of the Grey Wardens, Duncan, to meet the king. Your character is a new recruit to the Grey Wardens, and will be going through your initiation the night before what hopes to be the final battle against the Blight. The Blight is the generic term in the game for the armies of monsters that are led by an Arch-Demon."

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