PlayTM: Space Siege with Chris Taylor

PlayTM writes: "Gas Powered Games are building quite a reputation, having fostered The Dungeon Siege series, as well as reviving the soul of Total Annihilation via Supreme Commander. With Chris Taylor taking his RPG machinations into the future with the studio's next release, Space Siege, and self-styled third-party champions Sega set to publish, we thought it was time for a chin-wag.

Q:Why the departure from the fantasy-theme? Have you had it with the goblins and magic spells?

A: The science fiction setting really opened up a lot of avenues for us in terms how the story could be told, the interesting moral decisions, and the types of combat we could use. It wasn't a case of losing interest in fantasy -- which we still all love -- it was more of a case of wanting to scratch a different creative itch.

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