Five Gaming Moments that Had Us Crying Buckets

Who's been cutting the onions? These games have tears running down our faces. Has a video game ever made you cry? If the answer to that question is 'no', then congratulations!

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Goldby675d ago

didnt even include TLoU?????

smashman98673d ago

Lol I broke down within the first 10 minutes

Goldby673d ago (Edited 673d ago )

as did i. one of the most emotionally charged openings in a game. EVER! also i think Journey should be on this list too.

aquaticDonut674d ago

Sniper Wolf? Really? I guess people had very different experiences with that game than I did.

Loved the final scene from Undertale, though.

Kyosuke_Sanada674d ago

Surprised that Shadow Of the Colossus didn't make it on the list.......

chrisx674d ago

Any gaming moment list like this without TLOU = fail