Future Publishing closes popular games forum

Future Publishing has announced plans to close one of the most popular gaming forums in the UK.

GamesRadar, Future's predominant videogames website, will be closing its UK forum on September 4th to shift focus to the publisher's US equivalent, RadarNation. The forum, which has been active since 2002, is home to almost 20,000 registered members, many of whom encourage "lively, outspoken, funny, controversial and downright notorious game discussion" a Future representative stated.

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Andronix3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

It's a great UK forum that has built up a strong community and it's a shame it will be closed by the globalisation of Future.

Gamesradar UK, you will be missed.

EDIT: from its ashes a new forum has been made that a lot of users have already migrated to.


Good ridance they were the site that gave a predicted score of 6/10 for Killzone 2.

stoo313744d ago

you've read the article, the website isn't shutting down. They are closing the UK part of the forum

thekingofMA3743d ago

killzone 2 probably will get a 6/10

there's always some flops-haze and probably too human come to mind for right now-but killzone expensive flop

permutated3744d ago

Gamesradar is sh!t. Neogaf is where it's at.