Top 10 Last-Gen Gems to Play on Your Xbox One

Take a short hop back in time with the best old games for Xbox One.

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Summons751057d ago

Kind of surprised that the Mass Effect Trilogy hasn't had a remastering yet.

Trekster_Gamer1057d ago

EA has stated they was not interested in doing a remaster.

Mass Effect was a lot of fun to play through again on the XB1.

I just hope they get the multi-disc option worked out soon.

MaxCompiler1057d ago

And Pacman DX! Such a great game.

Kingdomcome2471057d ago

I'm not going to click through ten pages, but I hope that they had Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the list. I also just finished Beyond Good and Evil HD last night. I hope that the sequel eventually sees the light of day.