UMDumper v0.3.0D Available

Two years ago Dark_AleX entered the scene with DAX Dumper… An app likely to cause some controversy even though backing up legitimately owned UMDs to your memory stick is preferred amongst many - faster load times, ease of portability, the list goes on… So it's arguable - right or wrong - it's all in how you use it. PhonicUK keeps the fire burning with UMDumper v0.3.0D.

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Final_Rpg3744d ago

Individuals that do piracy didn't abuse this ability to backup games on memory sticks. It's just unfortunate that some fools have to go ahead and wreck it for us morally/ethically correct gamers.

shazam3744d ago

ive had this for months

ShiftyLookingCow3744d ago

why would anyone use this when its so easy to dump an UMD via USB in most M33 firmwares? Besides PSP can't compress as fast as any modern day computer.

Other than the obvious piracy issues, having your games backed up on memory stick has a lot of advantages.

shazam3744d ago

because sometimes you want it to be portable. so you dont have to always use a computer.

ShiftyLookingCow3744d ago

thats true, I forgot the portable part.

Strife Lives3744d ago

What the hell was sony thinking when they made those UMD cases? ! ?