What the hell is Danganronpa?

It was recently announced that, in February, a six-year-old PlayStation Portable game called Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is coming to Steam. Some people, myself included, are very excited about this. But why? What even is Danganronpa? And why should you care about an old PSP game coming to PC?

Danganronpa is a visual novel—a type of dialogue-heavy, largely text-based adventure game popular in Japan. It’s about a group of students who think they’ve been invited to study at an elite school called Hope’s Peak Academy, but have in fact become unwitting pawns in a sinister, deadly game. Trapped in the school by a mysterious villain called Monokuma—who appears in the form of a terrifying mechanical bear—the only way to escape is to kill another student and get away with it.

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Heyxyz978d ago

One of the best games of all time..

LAWSON72978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

Actually just started playing it tonight. It is a damn good game so far, highly recommend for those into story driven interactive games and definitely check it out if you are a fan of anime.

FullmetalRoyale978d ago

I have the platinum for the first one(if you're thinking about it, check out a trophy guide, as it'll save you from some grinding after you complete the game). Still need to play 2, and Despair Girls. I've just been enjoying looking forward to it, you know what I mean?

DonkeyDoner978d ago

phoenix wright for sadistic people :D

gif978d ago

Btw Danganronpa 2 PC also has confirmed.

TheLastGuardian978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

I loved every minute of Danganronpa 1, 2 and Another Episode. New Danganronpa V3 is easily one of my most anticipated games.

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