Soul Calibur IV Frankensteins

OXM UK tests the limit of character creation in Soul Calibur IV. See how you can play as Ronald McDonald, Lara Croft, Britney Spears and most of the cast of Street Fighter.

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Lucreto3685d ago

LOL it is interesting that you can make such characters.

I am waiting for people to create Suikoden characters and Susano from Okami. I will be happy then.

Baka-akaB3685d ago

we already created plenty characters from suikoden (Ryou and most heroes from each suikoden , jowy , luca Blight , Yuber (suikoden 2 and 3 versions) , Permegas , Sialeeds , George Prime , Lyon , Miakis etc...)

Thats a pretty absymal and crappy selection in the article .

Blink_443684d ago

Why is Ronald McDonald a chick?

Panthers3684d ago

You cant get that outfit for a guy.

edit: the striped outfit. it is for girls only.

AIi_The_Brit3684d ago

wow... im renting this soon
(the GOOD version,ps3)

cant wait to mess about

TheAveragePs3User3684d ago

and it doesnt need to be cool by winning graphics compairisons ciuz its so powerfull it dont need to.

LBP FTW!11!!!!11!!

Panthers3684d ago

those are cool, but I have a much better subzero

and I have a sweet shredder, but I dont have a camera so I cant post :(

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