The Top 10 Artistically Pleasing Games

The dawn of gaming saw the release of one of the most simplistic yet addicting games ever, featuring the absolute basic fundamentals of design - Pong. More than 30 years later, gamers are blessed with the luxury of lifelike, high-definition, motion-captured cinematics than most movies could only wish they looked like. The release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots took console gaming to an entirely new level as the first truly interactive cinematic experience graced millions of homes worldwide.

But games are not just about their realism. There is a determined crowd among us who wish to tarnish the good name of video games; those that deny games as being works of art or a means of storytelling, rivaling that of books and movies. To prove them wrong, I will count down my top 10 games which I believe to be the most artistic entries into our beloved medium.

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La Chance3747d ago

They forgot :
Killer 7
Jet Set Radio
Viewtiful joe
and games like MGS, Jade Empire , Bioshock should have been mentioned too.

titntin3747d ago

For a change, I have to agree with you!
All the titles you mention were landmark titles of artistic design. When I first got Ico I used to stand around and just looking at the design and scale of the scenery. It inspired me.

NO_PUDding3747d ago

I am sorry, but a Cel Shading game came first.... what a surprise. I think Okami is severely overrated, they forgot

Viewtiful Joe
Killer 7
Jet Set Radio

(just realised basically what la chance said)

And I ams orry but Pricne of Persia is so undeserving. Shadow of the Colossus is THE most artistic game. It worked within the boundaries of the console, and didn't need a gimmicky ink art style. It's like the game was copying hand drawn art, and that's not original. What Shadow of the Colossus did was create a pastel palette with clever sprite generating for 3D objects for afar, abuse of bloom and deliberately muddy textures.

THAT is deserving of the first place. It pushed the PS2 to it's limits.

LeonSKennedy4Life3747d ago

Okami overrated?


That's like saying COD4's online is crap.

NanoGeekTech3746d ago

But was hard as [email protected] one controller playing this game... I also agree with Jet set Radio

Folklore is VERY artistic, surreal, magical and different......people need to play this is one hell of a ride...I swear the game designers had to be on an acid trip throughtout the game production cycle (the Fu(king colors man!!!)...god I loved this game..still playing...

Pixel Junk: Eden is pretty tripy it has some artistic flare....

Have not played SFIV... but it looks like it is screaming with artistic flare also.....

Bioshock yes.....

How about Kameo for 360?

Mario for the Wii? have not played but it looks pretty trippy......

How about R&C:TOD?...very distinct style.....

Sound a little retarded but how about Heaven Sword?

I would say the two top most artistic games are : Folklore and Okami

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InMyOpinion3747d ago

"The most daring and unique change to the franchise since the Sands of Time trilogy took the prince from 2D to 3D"

Actually, it was Prince of Persia 3D that took the franchise from 2D to 3D, before Sands of time.

Mc Fadge3747d ago

We shalln't mention that... "thing" :P

Shane Kim3747d ago

hahah PoP 3D shall never be mentioned :P.

hay3747d ago

Folklore is also quite artistically impressive.

Reibooi3747d ago

They failed to mention Folklore a game that proves you don't need a insane graphics engine to be beautiful. Also they mentioned the new PoP but didn't mention Valkyria Chronicles. This list is full of fail.

Homicide3746d ago

Ah yes, Folklore. Very beautiful game. The Faery Realm and the Netherworld Core look simply stunning. Valkyria Chronicles looks very beautiful as well.

AIi_The_Brit3747d ago

i see all the top 3 started life as PS2 exlusive

Of course

TheAveragePs3User3746d ago

its supre cool emotion engine raytraces in reel time and makes coffe!!!

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