How to Respect the Gamer 101

ASidCast: "Everyone who is reading this would have to agree that 2015 has been a good year for us gamers. Whether it be the summers we spent in the streets of Nilfgaard or exploring the wastelands of Boston locked in our bedrooms, we gamers have had the time of our lives. However, there has been a fair share of controversies seen by the gaming industry too. From Kojima’s debacle to Batman: Arkham Knight’s disastrous PC launch, we have seen it all. One cannot deny the fact that publishers goofed up a lot of stuff throughout the year, and there is still miles to go for them.

Here, from the perspective of a gamer, I intend to point out few things that are of utmost importance for the many publishers to mend and regain our lost trust in them, most notable of them being Ubisoft, Bethesda Studios and Square Enix by bringing them in comparison with publishers that earned our respect. Consider this an ultimatum for you, publishers."

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TeamLeaptrade1061d ago

Great article. I don't even bother with micro-transactions these days.

And I can't recall the last game I pre-ordered. I got Black Ops III from a store, brand new and was able to get the pre-order bonuses. What is the point of having a pre order bonus, if I can pick the game up a week after release and get the same result?

NatFanBoyRestricted1061d ago

Glad he mentioned CD Projekt Red, I was surprised when I opened the game case to see a thank you card for purchasing their game and mentioning free dlc right from the start.

WaitForIt1061d ago

Guys do help in sharing this article to maximum. We need the publishers to realise all these points that have been raised.