Halo 5 Player Creates Working Train in Terminal Remake

Gamespresso writes: "Following Halo 5: Guardians‘s inclusion of Forge in December, we’ve seen some incredible creations both original and derivative. The latest Halo 2 Terminal remake, which features a fully functioning train, is our favourite so far."

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crazychris41241155d ago

They did a great job, will have to remember to download it whenever I get the game. Anyone know if Speed Halo or the one where you have to climb the hill and avoid the falling debris to reach the top are in Halo 5? They were some of the best forge creations in Reach.

aconnellan1155d ago

It's definitely a great map, one of my favourite I've come across.

I haven't come across those Forge maps yet (definitely incredible back in the day), but there's currently no Gravity Hammer in the game, so Speed Halo may not be feasible at this point.

However, there is rumour that they're adding the Gravity Hammer in (similar to how they added the old school Rocket Launcher to Forge), so Speed Halo may make a comeback yet!

crazychris41241155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Just started doing some research on the game and Im in disbelief. No gravity hammer, no grifball, no magnum (original, not that peashooter), no infection, no firefight and most of all, no split screen. 343 knows they are working on a Halo game right?? Guess I'll just continue to wait for essential Halo weapons and modes to come back.

aconnellan1155d ago

You're right there - it's a fantastic game, but there's so much missing that should be in there it's not funny. I'm really looking forward to a lot of them making a return, but they definitely should have been there at launch.

Lack of split screen I can understand from a technical perspective, but it's a massive blow to the community and a pretty big step back in that regard

Erik73571155d ago

How can you have halo without gravity hammer...

aconnellan1155d ago

After its introduction it really became a staple of playing around with Halo's physics, which then brought around an awesome number of maps and custom games, so it's incredibly odd that it wasn't included.

That said, I'm fairly certain it's being added in as well, so it'll be awesome to see how the community can use it in the new-and-improved Forge, but it's really a similar situation to a lot of other Halo 5 issues - why wasn't it there at launch?

1155d ago
crazychris41241155d ago

@hazard I only knew about no split screen. Had no idea about the other missing features and weapons. Some of my favorite halo moments were the crazy things people created. Just going to wait until they add the missing content.

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Elit3Nick1155d ago

The gravity hammer is being added soon, and yes, there is a gametype where you're evading large rocks tumbling down a cliff

otherZinc1154d ago

No w this is just fantastic!

I'd like to play Firefight on a map like that.

343, release Firefight.
343, bring back Campaign Scoring.


christocolus1155d ago

Halo 5 forge continues to impress. Great job 343i

aconnellan1155d ago

This is actually a community made map, which makes it even more incredible!

But if you meant great job to 343 for making a great game with great forge, I absolutely agree, they knocked it out of the park!

spicelicka1155d ago

That's pretty insane that he reviewed bungie archives and used crates to measure exactly how big each place is. Incredible attention to detail.