Warhammer Online - Why it's a true WoW Killer

Gameplayer has spent some time with highly anticipated new MMO Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and has written this article praising its gameplay.

"There are several reasons why Warhammer Online has a fighting chance of occupying its own niche in the market. Firstly, it's based on an already established Games Workshop IP. This license will supply the game world with attendant lore, races and conflicts, and will help provide a rich backdrop for quests."

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thereapersson3769d ago

It's like when a company comes up with an MP3 player to combat the iPod. No matter the features, sound quality, build quality, etc., it's near impossible to fight against the market penetration of the iPod brand.

Rather sad, really...

Jinxstar3768d ago

Here is the thing though. WoW is a dated game and playing it feels that way. My guild disbanded and about 50% of them quit to go to AOC and Wait on War(WoW). The rest are kinda just waiting for the next best thing and WoW will eventually fail. It can't offer with it's engine and the systems it has in place to keep being top dog too much longer. The hardcore will move to Darkfall. The PVP oriented will move to War and the story driven people may move to something like Starwars or whatever when it releases and the CAsuals will move on to DCuniverse or something fun like that.... While WoW has achieved a lot history will prove it's downfall in the end. They just can't do or offer what others can anymore. Thats the problem with MMO's. I have no doubt however that they will make something new when it finally does die down but it's user base is capped and has been...

nice_cuppa3769d ago

cant remember were though !
Time to hit google !

silverchode3768d ago

your going to hit google, what did google ever do to you.

zagibu3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

It doesn't make sense to buy another MP3 player, if you've got an IPod (unless you buy it as a replacement, because your IPod is broken). But it's pretty easy to stop paying for WoW and start paying for another MMORPG. If you don't like it, you can easily go back as well.

edit - what the hell, I meant it as reply to thereapersson...

thereapersson3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I was talking about market share and consumer popularity. Both have such a loyal following that make them hard to compete with.

And BTW, your comment makes you sound like an Apple fanboy. It doesn't make sense to buy any other MP3 player? It does if someone doesn't want to be herded like another consumerist sheep into the Apple corporate machine. It doesn't apply to me, however; I used to own a 5.5 gen video, and when I tested out the new Classics and found out how lackluster their performance was, I switched to a Zune.

The Lazy One3768d ago

if you have a working Ipod, there's no reason to go get a new MP3 player. Contrast that with WoW, where it won't really stop functioning, it just gets dated. WoW is a lot easier to replace because of that.

WoW is consumable in the fact that you have to keep paying to stay entertained, where an ipod serves its purpose with no added cost.

GametimeUK3768d ago

was absoloutly fine... its just random people like you who try breaking down peoples analogies... Every analogy can be broken down but his point is still valid and is not hard to grasp... so there :-P

so is this game a wow killer in the same way AoC is a wow killer? rofl

zagibu3768d ago

It's a weak comparison, because these are two completely different markets, in one, you buy a tool once, in the other, you pay constantly to be entertained. There is no reason to dump a working MP3-Player (be it an I-Pod or whatever...i personally own a 4 years old Creative Zen Touch 20GB). But it should be easy to see that if you have consumed entertainment from a single source for a long time, and a new source appears, it might be tempting and is very easy to stop paying for the old thing and try out the new one. As mentioned before, you can easily drop the new abonnement and pick up WoW again, if you didn't like the new thing. This is not possible with MP3 players, if you buy a second one, you have supported both producers, and the market share will reflect that forever.
If you don't see that these differences also form a completely different market situation, then you simply have no clue about economy.

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jerethdagryphon3768d ago

i used to play gw years ago when an army of 2k points cot 200ish

its al ost dopuble that now thats and im throught with mmos now
this is a no go to me

JeepGamer3768d ago

Warhammer is not the "WoW" killer. In order to be a "WoW" killer, you're going to have to do a little better than game play and game mechanics that were not new when Warcraft was released in 2004.

In order to really understand what I mean. Imagine if a company were to release a new game that played and felt almost exactly the same as a game from 4 years ago. No grand improvements on the style, no revolutionary changes to game play mechanics, just some updated graphics and the same exact kind of game play you'd seen four years previously.

That is Warhammer Online. It could, save for the graphics, been released right along side Warcraft and Everquest 2. It's another example of an endless series of fetch quests and bug hunts.

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