Free Invitation To Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta With Purchase of Crackdown

According to numerous outlets, it's from the latest Gamepro magazine and the ad speaks for itself. Buy Crackdown, get a free invitation to the Halo 3 multiplayer.

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PSN Starfleets3770d ago

I thought the Multiplayer was only open to some Beta testers, of which that window of application, closed?

Now anyone who buys Crackdown gets in?

Schmitty073770d ago

Buy....or wait a few months...

darktangent3770d ago

Well bungie did say that there would be numerous other avenues for being a beta tester and truly that anyone who wanted to be apart of it would be able to be a beta tester.

slugg3769d ago

They need LOTS of people in the Beta, they can test Halo 3 internally (well, Microsoft employees, not just Bungie) like they did Halo 2, but more is better. I have a friend who works at MS, he Beta tested Halo 2 and told me this time they want to include as many members of the general public as possible to iron out glitches and cheating issues BEFORE the game ships. So, they can boost sales of one of their early 07 titles by including a Beta invitation-- smart move!

Marriot VP3769d ago

yup, and I'm not gonna bother with getting in to play halo 3. I'm gonna just wait till the final product and not spoil the excitement

Scrumptious3769d ago

I want to play the finished and polished product, and be blown away.