Rated-R: Interview with Keen Software (S&M Engineers)

Bammsters Rated-R podcast, interviewing Tomas Rampas from Keen Software - Lead Designer on Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers.

* Keen Software has released their 2016 Roadmap!
* A 400 USD Playstation VR, estimated by analyst Michael Pachter.
* Writers Guild of America awarding games for “Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing”.
* Netflix blocking VPN access.

Techy Bits:
Booker DaLooker and Bamm Havoc discuss the virtues of LiFi and the company PureLiFi’s products, because Booker’s WiFi connection at home is shite!

Special Guest:
Finally Grit Breather and Bamm Havoc interviews Lead Designer Tomas Rampas from Keen Software House, about his job, Space & Medieval Engineers, gaming, 2016 and Slanina!

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