Fable 2 Pub Games XBLA Review (XboxOZ360) Better Than Kick In The Pants?

From XboxOZ360:

"Sometimes you really have to wonder what is going through developer's minds while they are creating some games. One also must wonder at the state a mind would have to be in to decide that sitting there pressing "A" 100 times is going to be a good time for all. It is of course quite possible that they were suffering from severe sleep deprivation after working 72+ hours straight on the actual Fable 2 game or something like that. Regardless what is really a fantastic marketing concept falls very short of being an entertaining game."

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Hunter863745d ago

Good review. Might just wait for my preorder code then.

Superfragilistic3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

yeah wait for your code. The games are bloody ordinary. If they made it online multi like Uno then they might've been better. But currently they're pretty tedious, particularly the "pokies for kids" one! lol

thereapersson3745d ago

Not surprising though, considering the extremely simplistic nature of this title.

BTW, I like this website. They may be 360 only, but they are still gamers at heart and are not afraid to give their thoughts on other games, no matter what the system.

Ozzyb3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

so I went to their site and looked for a non-360 review. I found MGS4 and if it is possible to review a game "Beautifully", he did it. There was no trash-talking or anything of the sort. Granted this is MGS4 and *almost* everyone loves MGS.. after reading that, I would be confident in them giving fair reviews in general (especially that author). I don't own a 360, but if I did, I'd go there for reviews. Good stuff indeed!

edit: I just thought it was funny that Firefox spell-check recognizes MGS as wrong, but not MGS4. Is this some kinda disorder or something? "Dude, it turns out I get bad grades cuz I got MGS4!" (I recognize the irony in that working both ways lol)

Mc Fadge3745d ago

Any combination of letters with number/s counts as a correctly spelt word :3

XboxOZ3603745d ago

Thanks guys, our team is made up of gamers pure and simple. Mums, dads, young ones, "old" ones (cough - self - cough) and many have all or at least a few systems.

We simply chose to use the 360 as our primary gaming platform. Nothing more, or less. We're glad you took the time to wander over and check out more of the site. One thing we don't and won't do is simply grab news, throw it up with a small pic and link it to "the source".

We'll write our own opinion on it, compile some information and then present it. Unfortunately, many simply see the word Xbox 360 and assume the worse, and also may see a similar heading, and believe it to be a copy of something else or an "old article" . .which it very rarely is.

We all love our games, and we do our best to present our thoughts to you, the reader, so thanks again for dropping by. If the game is crap, we'll say so.

gaminoz3745d ago

Also a lot of titles they review are multi platform titles anyway, so it gives a good idea...most PS3 and 360 multis are pretty similar from what I've seen.

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Zipperdog3745d ago

All the gold you make now can be imported to your Hero when the game releases.
and of course there is a huge bug for making gold easy.

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AIi_The_Brit3745d ago


well this is obviously garbage

a sign that the full fable 2 will flop aswell?

think il rent it first unless theres a demo

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