DJ Q&A: Ian Hartley on Final Fantasy Remix

Ian Hartley is a Tokyo-based DJ hailing from London who publishes drum'n'bass, acid jazz and electronica mixes through his independent label, kikaizuki. He and Matt Baggiani have collaborated under the group name Ante on Final Fantasy Remix, an album featuring club style arrangements of songs from eight different Final Fantasy games. The project was directed by series composer Nobuo Uematsu and selections were featured in a live performance together at The Black Mages Darkness and Starlight concert to promote the album.

In a rare move for Square Enix, Final Fantasy Remix is available now simultaneously on compact disks and through digital distribution on iTunes. An EP featuring "Blue Fields," "Liberi Fatali" and "Prelude" went on sale online July 18, followed by the full release this week. Ian's solo album "saru monkey breaks" will be debuting in English-language territories soon via Dog Ear Records and iTunes. Here, he shares some of his experiences on the making of the album and performing as a DJ in Tokyo.

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