Intel Will Disclose DTS Specs At IDF

Tom's Hardware Reports:

"At IDF this year, Intel is expected to unveil (PDF) information that will lead to improved internal processor temperature monitoring. Intel has never previously disclosed information about the Tjunction value before of its 45nm desktop processors, a value that is needed to accurately measure the internal CPU temperature. Previously, these Tjunction values were estimated by software, but as each model and stepping of processor can potentially have a different Tjunction value, not to mention varying temperature response curves, no current method can be accurately trusted.

Intel is appealing to the enthusiast community by fully disclosing the information needed to now properly determine this information on day 3 of IDF. If you are at IDF this year, the course will be #TMTS001, and will start at 1:40pm. Regular computer users will still benefit from this released knowledge by soon being able to monitor accurately the temperature of each core in their current Core 2 processors, when previously unable to do so. Serious overclockers may find this particularly useful."

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