VGC Review: PixelJunk Eden

VGC writes: "Eden is the third PSN title made by the team at Pixeljunk. Best described as an 'organic platformer', you play as a strange little backpack-wearing creature known as a grimp. As a grimp, your goal is to collect Spectra. After collecting a Spectra, you will then see a new plant grow in your home garden, a fun little playground where you can grimp to your heart's content (it should be noted now that I played the game with my brother, and we decided grimp is a word like Smurf, so its use as a verb is valid). To reach these spectra you will have to bring plants to life around whatever garden you are currently in, this is done by collecting pollen, which comes from small pseudo-spiky orbs called pollen prowlers. By hitting these prowlers with your grimp or with a thread connected to your grimp (this only works on some prowlers) you can destroy the prowler and release the pollen inside. You can then collect the pollen that slowly floats down by either touching it with your grimp or a thread connected to your grimp. Once collected the pollen will automatically float to the closest seed, which will shine and make a sound once full. This tells you that it's now possible to jump into the seed, and a plant will then grow from it."

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