University Study: Preserving the History of Virtual Worlds

GamePolitics Reports:

"How can we preserve the history of events which occur in virtual worlds? And why would we want to?

The BBC reports that researchers at the University of Texas, Austin are studying ways in which MMO history could be recorded. Said Prof. Megan Winget:

It's a huge challenge for archivists to deal with digital information. One of the most interesting problems for digital preservation is interactivity and how difficult that is to preserve. Video games offer all of the same problems as digital art. They are interactive, very complex and a lot of people get involved in making them happen...

We want to raise the consciousness in the industry about how important these records are. I do not think they save anything or it's saved in such a way that they would not be able to recognise the significance of what they are holding."

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vlazed3745d ago

This is very interesting and quite scary at the same time. What's even more interesting and scary is the fact that this is the most thought provoking article to appear on n4g in a while and no one has commented about it.