GiN Interviews: From First to Last

GiN Writes:

"The band From First To Last is a group we are sure you will be hearing a lot more about soon as they continue to rocket skyward in popularity. However, when they were just starting out they had a choice to make. They could either sign with a normal record company, or with a company that wanted to put their music into computer games.

They chose to sign with Artwerk/E.A. Music to have their songs put into appropriate games that matched their style. The first title to feature their music, Facebreaker, will be in stores in a few months.
From First To Last's Derek Bloom

Now the band is mostly going the traditional route, playing gigs across the country, though a tour to support Facebreaker is also in the works and the group plans to keep their hands in the music for computer games industry.

We sat down with drummer Derek Bloom to give a listen to his story about how the worlds of music in games is coming together with traditional outlets."

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