Get a look inside NBA 09's 'The Life'

Regardless of your enthusiasm for the sport, it's undeniable that Sony San Diego's first-party sports games on PS3 look incredible. MLB 08 The Show really took the series to the new generation and the upcoming NBA 09 The Inside looks to do the same. This time, The Inside goes beyond just standard ball games -- take a look at these new screenshots to see the other aspects of the game's most exciting mode, "The Life."

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power0919993742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I don't know if you meant to make the title "the life".

But isn't it NBA 09 "The Inside"?

Edit: Nevermind I get it now. Misread.

marinelife93742d ago

MLB 08 the show was a fantastic baseball game with amazing visuals. It's hard to believe that they would make the graphics for the NBA game so horrid. Everyone looks like they're made of plastic.