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The newly updated Home has already made a huge leap from the first beta. Each time a small update is released there are a bucket load of changes and additions that improve and impress the quality of Home and it starts to shape the way the PS3 will be used in every games involvement on the PS3 system.

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jamilion3687d ago

i haven't been invited, i downloaded the theme, i waited patiently delay after delay, and nothing as of yet!


BTW any of you guys received an invitation? If you did, could you also say what country you live in, i wanna see if sony is country bias or not! I live in Canada btw!

Deviant3687d ago

stop whining being country biased -.-

poopsack3687d ago

stop trolling your just being console biased, as for the invites, in the states as far as i know no one has recieved one yet.

robep33687d ago

I got mine EUROPE only for now it seems!


EvilChicken3687d ago

I know a few people from the US, they have had the beta though sense the beginning and they were sent an e-mail that allowed them to get the expanded beta.

chasegamez3687d ago

i dont care about hard drive space
320g in mine now

tethered3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

320 in mine too.

We wont have to worry for a while.

DarkBlade3687d ago

Would come out and say beta codes for everybody. Then we'll be happy.

El_Colombiano3687d ago

I do too, but you understand, if they do that nobody will have Home? The servers would literally implode. The blast would be even more severe than two nuclear missiles colliding head to head over the US. Sony, beta passes to everybody!!!

deathray3687d ago

Actually, I think if two nukes were to collide they might not have a chance to detonate properly and it probably wouldn't amount to all that much of a mess.

Halochampian3687d ago

isn't that the point of the BETA? To see how well servers can hold them and check primarily the networking?

I mean... yea... let more people have it and see how well the servers can hold it.

El_Colombiano3687d ago


Yes it is, but why on Earth would Sony intentionally overload the servers with an amount we all know they can't cope with atm. Add a few people, optimize. Add more, optimize. Keep going until release.

Halochampian3687d ago

How much can their servers hold? You got to put some pressure on them or you are never going to know how much you will need to adjust. You need to find the problems and fix them now rather than later.

rexor07173687d ago

It would mess the servers for everyone. It would be MGO all over again. Speaking of which, I need to get back into. I want that expansion.

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Raoh3687d ago

i've received nothing yet

i feel like this guy

Killjoy30003687d ago

That was such a funny vid XD!!

reckoner3687d ago

ahahaha that was great.

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The story is too old to be commented.