MTV Multiplayer: Game Diary: They Mostly End The Same

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"If you and I made great games, we would probably make them last too long. So many of the best games do. And they end dubiously, with less than their best stuff and too much of the same old thing.

See "BioShock," a game whose many fans don't seem to be very fond of its tone-shifted super-villain-style final boss battle.

See "Grand Theft Auto IV," which ends well after Niko Bellic achieves closure with the agony that trailed him to America. But it goes on, toward the usual bombastic end.

See "Metal Gear Solid IV." People who have played it surely know why.

Even less-than-great games tend to last longer than I, a serial game-completist, so often feel they need to. And they end so awkwardly. For example: I didn't need that last boss battle in "Geist," the one that introduced an entirely new gameplay mechanic and control scheme just for the final fight. If only such end-game stumbles were rare."

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macalatus3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Unfortunately, with the development cost of making a video game astronomically high due to evolving technology, making a video game longer is impractical. The biggest problem when it comes to gamers is that when they get "shock and awed" by the beautiful "next gen" graphics and sounds, it's natural they would want the game to be longer.

Now that said, even Hollywood movies themselves are suffering from the same thing: Too much graphical effects and not enough substance in the plot.