GameTrailers: The Force Unleashed Exclusive Mission Cinematic

Kneel before Vader and receive your first evil mission.

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man0fsteel3747d ago

the Dark side of the force is so much cooler

Freakwave0033747d ago

Looks very awesome. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but a fan non-the-less, but playing as the dark side seems to good to pass up, so I'm going to pre-order this tomorrow.

AllseeingEye3747d ago

I was never a big SW fan either but after seeing all the trailers and game play I might have to watch the movies again just to prepare for this game. I cant wait.

VMAN_013747d ago

So Darth Vader is working behind the Emperors back?

Ninja-Sama3747d ago

What you expect loyalty amongst the Sith?

Fade_Walker3747d ago

The Sith always betray one another.

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