LBP: So Electric,So Gassy

From Kotaku:
"Yes, we know that LittleBigPlanet will let players light stuff on fire and BURN THINGS. But that's just fire. What about other elements? Or the weather?..."

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Mao3747d ago

But no water in the initial release? That's a little confusing...but there are wave pastings I believe, so that'll do fine.

donator3747d ago

Nooo! Sacboys can't get wet! Otherwise their clothy material will weigh them down. Their colors will also fade and they'll become squishy!

thor3747d ago

Don't think of it like water in other platformers (where you just fall in and die, the water is static). They said when they add water, they want it to behave like water, flow along, things float in it etc. It's more than possible with the processing power of the PS3, 2d fluid dynamics is miles simpler than 3d and it's the kind of thing the PS3 is suited to (lots of repetitive computations). They have said, if the community want it, they will add it, BUT they are basically leading us into wanting it because they want it themselves. Which is cool with me because water looks like it could be a fun addition.

shazam3747d ago

it would still use 3d fluid dynamics. LBP is 3d you know, its not like Phun.

It is still very possible on ps3 though.

Bombibomb3747d ago

LBP = The second coming of Christ.

Bnet3433747d ago

Sorry for not keeping up with this game but can someone tell me when it's suppose to come out? I might buy a PS3 for this game it looks sweet.

Chuck Norris3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )


Late September or early November.

EDIT: Santa sackboy with elves anyone? Sony should advertise this like crazy. Spend $5M on adverts dammit.

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Angelitos3747d ago

Poor Xbots, thinking of getting a PS3 now, eh?

syanara3746d ago

stop with the poor xbots thing if u really want them to stop then just say stuff supporting the ps3 but don't diss 360 gamers. it makes it hader for one to change their opion if they know they are gonna get bashed for it just say stuff that doesn't diss 360 gamers and I can garuntee you you will either A not hear from them or B hear ps3 supporting opinons from them

Surfman3747d ago

water or not, the game will rock.

dro3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

for one of the first time kotaku wrote something decent about something ps3 related... (>_<)

Premonition3747d ago

Ya it was good till they said this towards the end "Electrified? Gas? Possible water DLC? Tweakable fog?! Fake thunderstorms?! Woah." which right off the bat the message i got from that was, ya right like these little features are amazing. Kind of a sarcasm thing i got from that.

Baba19063747d ago

they should add water with an update. that would kick a..

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The story is too old to be commented.