Sony Makes Up for PSN Outage By Granting One-Day PlayStation Plus Extension

Recently the PSN suffered a rather relevant outage that lasted for several hours. In order to make it up for the problem, Sony Computer Entertainment is sending codes granting one day of PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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nucky64914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

one day? why even bother. I've had around a half dozen of these outages and each one lasted around 36 hours. I'd say a free week would be more appropriate. (although, in the grand scheme of things, this isn't a big deal no matter what happens)

one day.......SMH...LOL

BadBoyC914d ago

Hey, it's better than nothing I guess lol

Seriously though, Sony and Microsoft both need to start investing more money into their networks because it's obvious that whatever they're doing now is not good enough. We are paying for these services and both networks perform like free services. It's ridiculous and inexcusable at this point.

Rimeskeem914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Didn't they give a 5 day extension for the DDOS attack after christmas? That was only a day down and 5 day extension...

also, wheres my gold extension at? Its gone down a couple of times and nothing. At least Sony is attempting to make up for it.

Kane22914d ago

try again..psn was down for 5 days during that mess...

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Gaming101914d ago

If you're getting that many outages, your internet sucks. Try resetting your modem, you can do this by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

PSN_ZeroOnyx914d ago

I totally agree. I've only had maybe 2 actual outages, and combined they lasted less than 10 hours. 1 day isn't much but it more than covers my downtime.

nucky64914d ago

no, it isn't that at all - don't you think I've checked that when it happens???. and being able to log in has nothing to do with internet "sucking".

JasonKCK913d ago

PSN went down 8 times in June 2015 alone.

travestyj913d ago


No it didn't... You Xbox fanboys are so full of it. Xbox Live had more outages in 2015 than PSN did.

Wallstreet37913d ago

Neoridr I noticed is always pushing a hidden narrative or agenda (stealth trolling) regardless of what console he owns so don't bother, I've seen him doing this passive aggressive comments in psvr articles and others.

Wow the hyperbole lol 10times!!!! Last year psn was out service wide for consumers maybe onceeee. Sporadically affecting select consumers and not service wide a few times.

The hyperbole to push an old narrative that is false since ps4 Bern out is insane. Psn of anything has been more rock solid than the rest in 2015.

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nucky64914d ago

to be clear to those disagreeing - I'm just pointing out that in the last 2 months, there have been some issues and I can't log in. when this occurs, it's guaranteed to be down for one and a half days. if it was just down for a few hours, no big deal - but when it pushes 2 days that's a different story. if this trend continues, then I'm losing around 54 days a year and that is unacceptable. i'm going to contact sony if it happens again. before the last 2 months, I've hardly ever had down time so I think something isn't right with the network.
now it's announced that they're giving 1 day free -

If the problem isn't fixed that hardly helps at all.

Goldby913d ago

to be clear to those disagreeing - I'm just pointing out that in the last 2 months, there have been some issues and I can't log in. when this occurs, it's guaranteed to be down for one and a half days.

Guarenteed... lol xbox much?

sony had 2 days last year that it went down. so if it keeps happening to you. ill say what sony says. check with your isp. yyou may have a defective modem that isnt able to handle consistent internet connection any more... or just trolling

rainslacker913d ago

I had that problem when I was with Time Warner Cable. Not since moving to UVerse. PSN itself has been pretty solid for me, although I can think of maybe 2-3 days total in the last 3 months where it was down. Most of the time it's down it's for their maintenance. I've learned to live with that when I was a WOW player who happened to have Tuesday's off.

Wallstreet37913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

A half dozen when? Last year psn wasnt down once for me as opposed to live that went down few days before Christmas for hours. The recent outage that happened on psn only had me locked out of psn store and messaging but I got on blk ops3 online without an issue. Outages happen on all services and is a part of life and won't be going nowhere.

Oh and psn was not down a whole day that's bs lol

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Wallstreet37913d ago (Edited 913d ago )


I game every single day and the way you are going in you act like its been full outages and for full days, those days you mentioned I guarantee weren't full outages where everyone was affected, all services were affected or were for the days or hours your insinuating. I game literally every day for at least gmfour hours and was affected last week too but only partially.

Just looked up those dates you mentioned. As I assumed that wasn't a service wide outage affecting everyone psn was working and only some UK and North American ppl were affected for a short period.

Kiwi66913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

I never said they were full outages i'm just saying that some people were effected as confirmed by sony , its the same when only some people are effected when xbl has issues so please don't take what i said the wrong way as i just provided dates to your question

BlackTar187913d ago (Edited 913d ago )



PSN was down for an hr on these days. What a grasp at straws my friend

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FN4GM913d ago

"I've had around a half dozen of these outages and each one lasted around 36 hours."

Sure you have.

assdan913d ago

I've had issues once in the past year.

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2pacalypsenow913d ago

Time to replace the squirrels in charge of your internet

Christopher913d ago

Sony does nothing: OMG, we should be compensated for the downtime.

Sony gives you 1 day for <8 hours of downtime: Why even bother?

Double-edged sword at play. Please be careful how you cut yourself.

rainslacker913d ago

Wish Blizzard would compensate my sub for the total of 2-3 collective days WOW is down for it's Tuesday maintenance.

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Team89er914d ago

dont complaint guys, enjoy your DAY

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory914d ago

What a shame.
Sony obviously is getting to comfortable with those sales thinking they can do whatever even to their own loyal customers....even though many of them defend them for it.

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ifistbrowni914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

What exactly are they getting away with? The service was down for a day, we're refunded for a day.

What did people expect?

I buy something, it doesn't work, I return it for a refund or the same item. I've never been in a situation where I bought something for $50, went to return it because it didn't work and the store offered me $60 for the return.

It just doesn't make any sense that they would give you MORE than what was lost.

I just hope they work on their servers. It'd be great if they reverted to the old ps+ model. Online play is free and if you want bonus games, you pay the subscription (of course, the games would have to be consistently valuable, or else people wouldn't subscribe)

isa_scout914d ago

You've obviously never bought a Big Mac have you. If McDonalds Fs up a sandwich they'll remake that bad boy AND give you a full
All joking aside I don't really think people are upset about the one day extension, but are more upset with PSN being down so often. If Sony makes millions a month from PS Plus subs(and they do) then we should be feeling the benefits from paying that money by now.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory914d ago

Of how many time has it been down last year?
And they gonna give one day?

Are you kidding me?

24 hrs extension LOL
kids got school
college student
people go to work

10-12 hours already used up.
Give me a break. Stop defending them.

Goldby913d ago


Give me a break, this extension isnt for 2015. it was for one day this month (its 2016 now)that the service went down for like 16 hours.

entitled much

TKCMuzzer914d ago

What are you going on about? It was down for less than a day and they give they give that day back. There are probably millions of PS Plus subscribers like myself who didn't even attempt to go online that day due to other things in life so were not effected, yet we still get an extra day. If you go on holiday for a week and can't use PS Plus I suppose you want Sony to compensate you for that aswell.

This is all nonsense, when my internet goes down, or my Sky has issues or any other subscription I have has a problem do these companies offer me compensation? No and 99% of the time I am paying more a month for the privilege.

sprinterboy914d ago


Well said, plus there was 27 ddos attacks on american banks in 2015, dont hear any whining cry babies there, gamers are starting to sound like a bunch of girls.

Goldby913d ago

Banks went down,,,, i demand free money because i pay.... monthly for things... of ... mine... give me free money!

travestyj913d ago

It was down for around 8 and they are giving us a full day. What do you expect? XBL was down the other day for 6 hours and they aren't giving anyone anything.

2pacalypsenow913d ago

What are they doing that's bad for Gamers. (Also remember its a business that has to make money)

NeoGamer232913d ago

Not allowing PS4 gamers to have EA Access is a pretty good example of doing something that is bad for gamers.

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TKCMuzzer914d ago

Well, because of people on sites like this moaning when it goes down "you owe us Sony".

rainslacker913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

I actually believe that if I'm paying for a service, that service should work, and if it doesn't I should receive compensation for what I paid for.

So in this case, I'm glad they did it, and I hope they continue to do it, because I feel it's what's right.

They haven't done it in the past, and that's not right.

That being said, given that I've become used to not receiving compensation despite companies not providing me with the service that I pay for(happens with any internet related service....internet included), I never bother to ask or complain about it anymore.

I can't see how people can fault Sony for compensating people. It's what they should be doing, and it should be praised so maybe, just maybe, it will become the norm as if one company receives good will for their actions, other companies take note, or people start to demand it because other companies do it. Competition is great, but you have to recognize the good things that companies do to get it to reach out among competitors.

I understand the technical issues involved with keeping services such as these running 100% of the time...probably more than many on this I'm not so quick to be too harsh when these outages happen...but it's still my money being spent, so I'm happy to get it back when I can.

TheLyonKing914d ago

Complain complain complain. Yes it doesn't seem like much but it's better than nothing.
You aren't entitled to get what you want so be thankful they are extending an olive branch.

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