No cross-platform play for The Agency

Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming espionage MMO The Agency is not going to allow cross-platform play between the PC and the PS3, according to lead designer Hal Milton.

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Chandresh Patel3747d ago

Plus,they've fine tuned the controls on the Dualshock,so it wouldn't make sense to allow Cross platform play only to make matters unbalanced.

rroded3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

ya but they could give us full k/m support on the ps3 like ut3
the real reason i suspect is $

edit sure we dont all have a usb k/m yet but it wouldnt be hard for em to give us the option to play cross platform or not.

Chandresh Patel3747d ago

Not everyone that will buy the game has a Kb/m for their Ps3,and everyone that will get it for PC has a kb/m.thus the unbalanced gameplay scenario

solar3747d ago

you can plug any usb mouse and keyboard into the ps3 and it will work. other than that, kinda disappointing, yet i knew it wasnt going to happen. just release the damn game alreay! i need a good mmo to play once and a while.

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yesah3747d ago

if enough people get this game thatll be fine, but if there are like under 1000 people on at a time cross-platform should come into play.

Iceman100x3747d ago

Lol obviously they know the ps3 users wouldn't stand a chance with the superior controls of the pc version.

Fishy Fingers3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

What, K/B and mouse? Like the ones the PS3 are compatible with?

Although Id agree the PC set up is unfair when put next to the pad but that's mainly because of all the binds and hotkeys that are available in MMO's with the K/B.

Panthers3747d ago

Why do I always hear about superior PC controls? Am I the only one who likes a controller a lot more than a mouse and keyboard? I know that mouses are a lot more precise, but they just take me out of the game and I cant stand keyboards. I am always looking for the right buttons and whatnot.

When I do play PC games, which is only RTS games, I never use the keyboard.

Mao3747d ago

Controller to me is so much easier to work and comes across as being far more natural than keyboard and mouse. Computer gamers claiming it to be better are probably just more familiar with the setup, as I am more familiar with a controller. But to them, everything they do is obviously better. Hence why PC gaming is almost dead, cause it's obviously better.

Nitrowolf23747d ago

i to like the conrollers alot better ten keyboard and mouse.
Why? well everytime i play a shooter on PC, they always have change weaopons or select grenade with the numbers. on a controller they can fit all that so there are not muliple ways o get a weaopon out. i dont know but i thnk is alot easy to use a controller.
I guess it all depends on what your use to. Right?

Charmers3747d ago

@ Mao if your gamepad is so superior why do I keep seeing topics from joypad users moaning about people having an advantage with the frag fx controller ? As for PC gaming being dead !!! It's funny I only ever see console users claiming that, I wonder why ?

@ Nitrowolf2 I haven't changed weapons with the number keys for years. The mouse has a lil device on it called the scroll wheel which works excellently for switching between weapons, you might want to try it sometime.

As for this topic, I can't believe people keep dismissing the mouse and keyboard combo it is the perfect system for controlling fps games and games like The Agency. The fact Sony isn't doing crossplay is testament to how deadly the mouse and keyboard is. A joypad user simply would not stand a chance against someone with a mouse and keyboard. If you think they do then you are seriously delusional. It would be as stupid as me claiming the mouse and keyboard is the best control for beat em ups (it isn't).

vdesai3747d ago

You can also remap the keys to suit your needs. I love how you can map fire too the scroll wheel giving you a much faster rate of fire.

Baka-akaB3747d ago

superior control ? for a game that sounds quite ps3 oriented from the start and a mmo ?

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Panthers3747d ago

I remember them talking about it, with DLC to take its place. But they never gave a final word.

Adamalicious3747d ago

Word is that it's going to be free to play, but I don't know that Sony has given 100% confirmation on that. I'm with you - I won't pay a subscription fee to play it.

Nitrowolf23747d ago

I think if there going to charge for it they should offer us a week (or longer) for a free trial to se if we do or don't like it. I dont like paying for a game to play it i'll buy a game but i will not pay to play online

Harry1903747d ago

advertisements all over the place if it meant free to play for the PS3.

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