TrustedReviews: Hitachi UT32MH70 32in LCD TV Review

There are thin TVs and there's the Hitachi UT32MH70. For while 'thin' with most flat TVs means a depth of between 90 and 110mm, in the UT32MH70's case it means 35mm. Yes, 35mm.

Get a tape measure out, have a look at how small 35mm is, and you'll appreciate just what an achievement the design of the UT32MH70 really is. It's a genuinely huge step towards the long talked about dream of truly wafer thin TVs, and currently makes this Hitachi one of the most aggressively stylish and aspirationally appealing TVs around.

However, as anyone with an ounce of depth will tell you, looks aren't everything. So if the UT32MH70 fails to deliver on the performance side of things, no amount of 'trophy TV' chicness will be enough to win it a place in TrustedReviews' hearts.

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