Sony takes a new angle on PSP Movies


Sony Computer Entertainment is taking another stab at establishing the PlayStation Portable as a film viewing device, by lowering title prices, signing studio deals to license content and making digital copies playable on the handheld system.

When the PSP launched in 2005, all of the major studios were churning out films in the portable console´s Universal Media Disc format. However, games ultimately proved to be far better sellers on PSP, and nearly all the major studios stopped generating UMDs after about one and half years of production. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment was the exception.

Although the new release pipeline substantially dried up, PSP owners were still accessing films. But they were mostly doing so illegally, transferring ripped Web files to their systems. At the same time, studios cannot ignore the PSP´s 13 million U.S. hardware base as the DVD market matures.

"We want to provide a legal offering from the studios, … and it´s an easier conversation to have with them now," said John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America. "There´s a lot of positive momentum with the PSP."

To make sure consumers buy UMDs this go around, Sony is shaving new release list prices to $9.99 to $14.99. That is $10 to $25 less than UMD initial pricing a few years ago.

To attract studios, Sony Computer is promising to do the bulk of the work with UMDs. Sony will license, manufacture, distribute, market and sell the studios´ films for them for the PSP.

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Aclay3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

If it's possible to transfer bought movies from the Playstation Store to the PSP, then movies on the UMD format really aren't needed... Sony should just have a special section on the Playstation Store to download movies especially for the PSP at a cheaper price and that's it.

But I guess it's good to see Sony actually taking control of things and pushing the UMD format.

genix133769d ago

however then wouldn't every psp owner have to own a ps3 also, I think this would greatly limit the amount of people accessing the movies. Though it would be useful to those who actually own both.

chasuk083769d ago

No as they can distribute the movies via the pc playstation store

LevDog3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

They should make a PSP with a Blu Ray reader.. And then make lil mini blu ray discs..

EDIT: @ Below

HaHa ya kinda like that

Yi-Long3769d ago

... why would I BUY a movie for the PSP when I can just as easily download one and convert it into a file that will play on my PSP!?

The movies that I like and want, I will buy on DVD/Blu-ray at home. I'm not making a double purchase so I can watch it on my PSP, and neither will anyone else...

Time_Is_On_My_Side3769d ago

The only benifit you'll get from a UMD (Universal Media Disc) is that it won't take up memory. I get TV shows on the PlayStation Portable on the UMD but get the big budget movies on Blu-ray disc. It's like when you have a choice of Warhawk as a downloadable version of a blu-ray disc version. I chose the Blu-ray disc because I don't want to have to delete my game when I have no room then redownload it.

At the same time having a downloadable version of content on the PlayStation Portable will reduce physical space for other things. In the end I choose the physical media for purchases and rentals digital downloads. I would only download a bought movie if I could use it on other devices and if I travelled a lot.

kenjix3769d ago

i don't buy dvds anymore so if a movie comes out that i may notwant on blu-ray i would get the umd version and watch it using tv out on trips.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I would have to agree with the price comment because the UMDs are at the same prices as the DVDs.

WhittO3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

You do know that the install for warhawk on blu-ray is the exact same amount of disk space as the downloaded version ?

The only difference is the downloaded version doesnt need the disk in the ps3 to play.

Plus, if u delete the install data because of low space, you have to install it again (much like re-downloading it).

So i guess the point is, with memory space increasing and price reducing, there is no need to carry round multiple disks when people with todays internet speeds and storage space can carry multiple movies and tv shows on the go with no need for disks.

Most of all - cost free !

That is why noone will buy these umd's.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3768d ago

So you're saying to me that you would like to sign in every time you need to watch a movie/game? Playing games on a disc or movies requires no sign-in at all, so I can watch it anywhere at any time I want. Warhawk is a PlayStation 3 game UMDs are for the PlayStation Portable. I have eight gigabytes so I can't hold very many things on my PlayStation Portable. It would make more sense to name a PlayStation Portable game and not a PlayStation 3 game. My question for you with Warhawk can other people play Warhawk on the same console or your friends with another master account?

With the PlayStation 3 it can be worse Resistance 2 or Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots use a full fifty gigabyte disc for their games. I have a sixty-gigabyte hard drive (HD) so it would be same to hold off of that. Plus with High Definition (HD) technology on the horizon all channels don't run in full HD 1080p (Progressive) but in 1080i (Interlace). Downloading content that is 1080p will be a whole lot slower due to bandwidth even streaming will be slow. Satellite companies advertise that their content is in HD but in reality most if not all don’t even touch 1080p.

In reality most people won't buy them because of piracy some PlayStation Portable owners have illegal downloaded games. I'd rather support the company and not try to bring it out of business.

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Finalfantasykid3769d ago

I think price was the biggest problem with UMD movies. Most of the time, the UMD disc was more expensive than the DVD, which makes no sense at all.

Now that it is around $10, it seems like a way better deal.

Sitdown3769d ago

was the biggest factor....but the original psp's inability to output to television played a big part. Which explains why people would rather go the other route of buying the dvd and putting the movie o a memory stick.

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