GamePro Preview: SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation

The tactical military splat-em-up sensation flexes its next-generation chops in the PlayStation Network's first flagship blaster. Lock and load, soldier!

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Overr8ed3749d ago

i didnt know you can destroy walls to make a new path! thats Awesome!

arakouftaian3748d ago

with the headset, this sound has a must buy, maybe i need to get into the beta n tray it out... :D

Panthers3748d ago

They are probably pre-selected areas. Slant Six doesnt want to ruin the flow of maps by making any area destoryable.


of course and they're bringing back some of the old maps my personal favorite desert glory hell yeah, welcome back socom

BSigel813749d ago

As always this will be a first day purchase, this was well written on GamePro's part. It was a little short, but I guess that is a good thing without letting us know too much. I'm happy I helped so many people out, see you guys online.

Raoh3748d ago

cant wait

i still play all the ps2 socoms from time to tiome

StrboyM3748d ago

the king has returned. i compare every other shooter (console wise) to socom, and none have done what socom has done. (warhawk comes closest)

this october..the king reclaims his throne..BANG!!

mgbass133748d ago

Agreed. Warhawk is soooo underrated. Playing right now actually...NEways, new SOCOM will be off the charts. I am gonna be so broke this Xmas...


oh hell yeah man, the $60 one sounds like a steal cant wait to get my hands on it buy Christmas man im might be broke your not the only one dude :)

Agent Orange3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

this coming holiday keeps getting better and better for ps3. crap, need more money...


they did say that at E3 this year, the year of the PS3

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