Jolt Review: Fable II: Pub Games (2/10)

Jolt reports:

''Fable 2 Pub Games is one of the more cynical releases to make it onto Xbox Live Arcade. Comprising three riffs on casino games ripped from the full Fable 2 experience, the one and only selling point of this dull click-fest is to try and earn some loot for your Fable 2 character. To be fair you can get this game for free if you pre-order, but that doesn't excuse it from being insipid and much less fun than most of the other board and chance games available on the service.

While in theory these three mini-games – Keystone, Spinnerbox and The Tower – will serve to help break up the action in the full game, you'll need some perseverance and a great deal of self-motivation to work your way up the ranks in this standalone product. And, given that one of the games is even more of a dud than the others, your job is made even less pleasurable.

For the moment you get to start with a 'patron' character, whose wealth (or debt) can later be merged with your Fable 2 hero character. Initially you have a low amount of gold and can only play on low-stakes game, but as you spend more time gambling, your reputation goes up, you can borrow more money and you can play for higher rewards and less risk. You can do this either by playing the games directly (with the odds against you), or entering tournaments (where the odds are slightly more in your favour).

An example of how ill-conceived much of this game is comes in the form of Spinnerbox, Fable 2's answer to fruit machines. Sure, you can grind your gambler rating up by spinning over and over, but you can also quite literally play the game with your eyes closed. Play Spinnerbox in tournament form and you're competing with 19 other patrons over 100 spins to see who can make the most money out of complete chance. Fruit Machine tournaments must surely be the most mundane form of gambling.''

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Mao3772d ago

Haha, probably not. Looks like I could be picking up a 360 some time this week, Fable 2 is definitely on my list of must buys.

n4gzz3770d ago

dang, this is some harse review.

Rhezin3772d ago

This has nothin on Fable 2, this game is gonna be in Fable 2 anyway. BEST RPG EVARRRRRRR