Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Face-off: PC vs PS3 Graphics Analysis

The long-awaited 2013 title finally comes to PC but how does it perform?

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decrypt1063d ago

Graphics comparisons at this point are irrelevant. PC always wins those.

What really matters is BC. You buy the game on PC then its for yours to own for a very very long time. PS3 is a dead platform now. Not many would think of rebuying it again should it fail. Once it does fail there goes your library with it.

I was today reinstalled portal 2 on my PC. I was playing custom maps solving puzzles. It was an amazing pass time. Hell i still play games like CS, Warcraft 3, TF2, Left 4 dead on my PC.

So yea i think what really matters is the BC part, graphics comparison is pretty much irrelevant.

vanity291063d ago

That's not BC. Pc is pc, if yours dies you buy a new one to play your games again. Just like ps3.

kraenk121063d ago

He was talking about endless BC on PC because there are no generation. That's actually truly one of PC gaming's best feeds. There's nothing like replaying your old games in better quality, be it mods or just higher frames and better AA or resolution.

Skate-AK1063d ago

The keyword you said is "I think." So that makes it your opinion. Plently of people buy top of the line PC's and have no intention on playing older games.