Worthplaying PS3 Review: Soul Calibur IV

WP reports:

''Ever since its popularization on the Dreamcast, SoulCalibur has become known as the ultimate in fighting games. It broke the mold set long ago by combo-intensive, rigid fighters like Mortal Combat and Street Fighter and created a game both easily accessible and incredibly deep. It effectively defeated the button-mashing cliché of the last generation, and SoulCalibur IV does nothing to break this mold. Right from the outset, it's clear that this title is about exquisite balance between characters, well-placed blocking and a fine attention to detail.

The first thing you see when you boot it up (and optionally perform the 2.5 GB install) is that the graphics have gone one step beyond those in SoulCalibur III. The PS3 hasn't dramatically increased the realism of the movements or altered the shape of the characters, but the fine details look fantastic. Cloth convincingly falls across the body with each step, the fuzz on boots and shoulder pads blows subtly in the wind, and light reflects off the surface of wet stone more convincingly than it might in a Pixar movie.

The graphics still have their issues. Arms and legs have a tendency to clip through hard pieces of armor when they're bent in odd directions, and random headgear doesn't seem to work very well with unusual hairstyles and heads, but these are extremely forgivable. When you give almost any body type the opportunity to wear just about every conceivable piece of armor, it would be astounding if there weren't any clipping issues.''

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why is all the reviews giving soul calibur 8.7