Bungie Weekly Update: 8/15/08

Bungie are hinting at their projects in this update and lukems has listed lots of quotes of what the Bungie employees are currently working with.

The Penny Arcade Expo

In regards to our booth at Penny-Arcade[Aug. 29-31 in Seattle] (we'll be sharing a mechaplex-sized booth with the eyes-wide-tight crew over Red vs. Blue), the schedule for events is slowly emerging from the mist. As previously mentioned there will be a handful of daily opportunities to play Bungie for a chance to win Recon. Once you've had a shot at glory, that's it. In addition to the already-announced team of Shishka and I, some new challengers stepped into the fold this week. Calling themselves Team T&T (Shishka and I are Team Free Recon), Joe Tung (a Producer by day) and Luke Timmins (network engineer) are teaming up to take part in the Recon Challenge.

Tung's first question: Can I talk trash to the fans?

Followed immediately by: Can I call them -blam!- dumpsters?
The schedule is taking shape though and we can confirm that Jen Taylor AKA the voice of Cortana will be spending some time in the booth signing autographs. Again, once we have a firm schedule – we'll post it publicly so that PAX attendees can plan accordingly. Also, start saving those pennies, we will have some sweet exlusive limited quantity shirts for sale - in addition to upholding our promise of "making it rain with prizes."

From the Mouths of Babes

It's all so hush-hush right now. But a bunch of folks sent me some examples of what they are currently working on here at Bungie. What does it all mean?

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